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Against Racial Discrimination

Last March 18, we showed off our anti-racist stance coinciding with the United Nations' International Day Against Racial Discrimination.

In Barcelona, the demonstration, organized by the platform “Unity against racism and fascism”, brought together thousands and thousands of people who flooded the city with slogans, banners and speeches against racial discrimination.
As an organization we once again demonstrated our commitment to the anti-racist fight. The Catalan Countries have been and are a land of welcome for migrants regardless of place of origin. From here, we the Catalans have launched projects that are known worldwide such as Open Arms, which constantly rescues lives in the Mediterranean of people fleeing poverty and war.
As an organization, we believe it is totally contradictory and incoherent for the European Union to facilitate the arrival of Ukrainian refugees but at the same time promote the “Fortress Europe” of closed borders and a Mediterranean that every day looks more of a cemetery than a sea. We cannot agree with the idea of having “first class” and “second class” refugees. That is not human.
Racism is a social evil that must be eradicated from our societies. We don't want a society where, because of their origin, people have fewer opportunities and equality, we don't want a society with people with more or less rights depending on where they were born. The Catalan countries must be socially republican, open, inclusive and free from racism and fascism.
We have always been in this fight; we continue to be there, and we will always be. For a Catalan countries free of racism and fascism.

Against Racial Discrimination Against Racial Discrimination