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Euskal presoak, etxera!

Last January 7, we demonstrated in Bilbo together with the Basque civil society and the colleagues of Gazte Abertzaleak; to demand an end to the policy of dispersal of prisoners and to support the prisoners who suffer from it and their families.

The dispersion of prisoners is a repressive method, which the Spanish state has used since the time of the Franco dictatorship with the aim of further exacerbating the pain of families. Forcing them to travel thousands of kilometers to be able to visit their relatives or friends who are imprisoned. In many cases these relatives or friends travel more than 1000 km and are not even allowed to visit the prisoners.

The dispersion of prisoners is coming to an end thanks to the peace process that is being carried out in Euskadi. We will demonstrate as often as necessary for peace and for the return of all prisoners home.

Euskal presoak, etxera!  Euskal presoak, etxera!