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JERC states its solidarity towards the progressive, secular and Kurdish opposition in Turkey

The Youth of the Left Republican Party of Catalonia (JERC) states its solidarity towards the progressive, secular and Kurdish opposition in Turkey. Taken into account the paradoxical situation in which elections held on 1st November, we consider HDP (Democratic People's Party) result as a victory of Turkish and Kurdish resistance against State islamism carried on by government party (AKP).

We consider as an absurd that after May's elections leading group and people of HDP have been arrested. Military actions by Turkish army against Daesh were actually against Kurdish people, especially women and children. Terror in which electoral campaign took place had a first climax in the massacre of Ankara on 10th October and then, during the vote, with war acts by the army and the police against people in the South East of the country, where HDP is strongest.

However, leftist party overcome the threshold of 10% and will be the third political force in the Parliament. All the above happened in the silence of Western countries, that apparently carry on campaigns for democracy but have nothing to say about Turkey, NATO member and partner of EU.

Electoral results that show a slight increase in AKP and a slight decrease in HDP are the result of terror and not of the popular will. We hope the will of freedom, rights and peace of Turkish people will succeed against government party's pressure who would like to destroy the Constitution and increase military and imperialistic intervention. We express our solidarity to Turkish workers, women, youth and to everybody who fights there for popular sovereignty, self determination, feminism, socialism and secularism. 

Mapa del resultat electoral Mapa del resultat electoral