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Let's move towards victory! 17th-January National Day of Menorca.

On January 17, 1287, the entry into Maó of the troops of Alfonso III culminated in the conquest of Menorca. In this way, the island was incorporated into the Crown of Aragon and the Catalan language and culture were assumed to be typical of the Menorcan people.

As a republican and left-wing organization, we continue to fight to win full sovereignty. We are clear about it: We want to govern ourselves to change an economic model that exploits young people so much and ensure that all young Menorcans who wish to do so can live in Menorca and enjoy decent housing and work. We want to govern ourselves to break with sexist traditions and face the climate emergency that threatens the territorial balance and well-being of our people and promote the consumption of products from our land, as well as small shops.

We want to face the tourist overcrowding that wears down our land in the summer seasons and that has been increasingly faltering since the beginning of the pandemic. We defend a future in common with the rest of the Catalan Countries, with which we share our own language and culture. We therefore want a free, feminist, green and fair future for all Menorcans.

Jovent Republicà of Menorca continues to be the only pro-independence youth organization structured on the island, aware of the generational and logistical difficulties that this implies, we are still present in the street and in the institutions. Pride of the red thread of combat, long live Menorca and live the Catalan Countries!

So as every 17th of January we marched in the streets and we gathered around to continue to fight for a free, green, feminist and fully Catalan spoken Menorca!

Let's move towards victory! 17th-January National Day of Menorca. Let's move towards victory! 17th-January National Day of Menorca.