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Llei Mordassa

The non-approval of the Citizen Security reform, otherwise known as the Gag Law, has been in the news this month.

This non-approval has been possible with our votes and those of our fellow Basque fighters from EH Bildu. It's possible that if you're reading this you might be standing there thinking that we should have modified a right-wing security reform that restricted many rights.
We have always been in favor of its repeal and the creation of a new one, as we have also been open to modifying it in order to remove the most harmful parts for democracy and human rights. In fact, we have been meeting with different parties, entities and NGOs for months and months. But during these months we also made it known that we had certain red lines that we could not cross.
Because above all, what we do not want and do not want is to modify a law so that the result continues to be a lack of rights and freedoms. We didn't want a reform that was short. We want it all, not just a part.
These red lines that have prevented the continuation of the process in the Spanish Congress are: the end of the use of rubber balls by the police, ending the hot returns at the borders (totally illegal and that have caused dead), and end the crimes of disobedience and disrespect to the police (a basis that for years has served for them to act with total impunity and falsely accuse demonstrators).
For now, and even though it wasn't what we wanted, the law will remain the same. But we are already working again for a parliamentary initiative that takes these aspects into account in order to repeal, now yes, definitively, this infamous law.

Llei Mordassa Llei Mordassa