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Taking a look back to 2022

2022 was a year with many challenges for the whole world. Conflict could be the very best word to describe what has happened during these past 365 days.

This conflict has adopted a military dimension, as we all know, but it also has taken a social, political and cultural significance which has made our political activity more difficult.

Under these circumstances our organisation, Jovent Republicà, has had a frenetic internal activity that has led our National Congress celebrated in November

where the Bureau was renewed and our political line for the following two years established prioritising the republican and democratic way to independence for the Catalan Countries and the social transformation of our society and economy through socialist public policies.

As we usually say we have had a feet in the streets and a feet in the institutions. At the streets we have continued fighting against fascism and far right movements, defending women empowerment, participating in LGTBI+ demonstrations, leading actions against climate change… And at the same time we have impulse initiatives at the institutional level to defend the rights of Catalan students, to achieve the right to vote at 16, to dignify the access to housing, to fight to achieve a republican security and police model…

Internationalism is one of the bases of our political activity. Therefore, we have expanded and strengthened our international alliances and cooperation in order to impulse solidarity and achieve common and global goals. We have brought the voice of the youth of the Catalan Countries internationally so that the values we believe in and the objectives we share are recognized, respected and fulfilled.

All this activity is just one step more towards the right direction. Towards achieving a republican, socialist, feminist, ecologist and antifascist Catalan Countries.


Taking a look back to 2022 Taking a look back to 2022