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Towards next local elections!

Last January 14, we started our way towards the municipal elections of May 28, 2023. We did it during our National Council, where we approved our political program.

This time, however, our program is a little different from the previous municipal elections. Due to the fact that we are the first young political force in the country, we are also the party with the most young people in the local institutions of the Catalan Countries. This means that in the last 4 years dozens of councilors from the Jovent Republicà have been representing their neighbors.

After 4 years of work, now it's time to collect the results, and that means a lot. On the one hand we have a typical electoral programe, with political proposals on one side. But on the other hand, we have successful experiences of applying policies in various fields: sport, housing, education, leisure, feminism, LGTBIQ+ rights, etc.

So, our program is nourished by these successes, by these examples of good politics, so that the new councilors have valid and useful examples to take as an example. Not only do we introduce these policies of proven success, but we also specify the person who implemented each one. This way, we create a network where we can share experiences and help each other.

Our machinery is unstoppable, and in the next municipal elections we will paint the country with socialist red!

Towards next local elections! Towards next local elections!